Complaints policy

At Discover Weight Loss, we aim to deliver our services in accordance with our governing bodies professional standards.

If you have a complaint about us or our service, you can:

  1. make a complaint in writing to either the person involved or to Mr Jon Morrow, Director, Discover Weight Loss.
  2. notify the Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy Service. Call them free on 0800 555 050.
  3. make a complaint to the Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner. Call them free on 0800 11 22 33.
  4. contact the Medical Council of New Zealand. Call them free on 0800 286 801. The Health and Disability Commissioner will automatically be notified.

The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights protects your rights when you use any health or disability service.

Your rights under the code includes the right to:

  • receive the information you need to make decisions about your health and about any tests, procedures or treatments
  • have information provided in a way that you understand
  • make an informed choice and give your informed consent before you undergo a test, procedure or treatment
  • treated with respect and dignity, taking into account your cultural needs and values
  • have a support person with you, at most times
  • services being provided with reasonable care and skill
  • complain about a provider, in a way that is appropriate for you.