Cost of weight loss surgery

At Discover Weight Loss, we provide a comprehensive package deal for each operation.

At Discover Weight Loss, we understand that you are making a significant financial investment.

We provide 2 years of follow-up (up to 18 appointments) with our surgeon, bariatric clinical nurse specialist or bariatric clinician, dietitian, and health and wellness coach/personal trainer at no additional cost.

Initial Appointments (GST inclusive) *

  • Surgeon consultation $350
  • Dietitian consultation $150
  • Health and wellness coach/personal trainer consultation $300 (2 appointments)
  • Surgeon review (if required) $150
  • Psychologist consultation (if required) $200

* Initial appointments are not included in the package deals. Prices may change without notice.

Package Deals (GST inclusive)

Follow-up is essential to achieve the best results possible from your surgery.

For the first 2 post-operative years, up to 18 appointments are provided at no additional cost.

Your follow-up is tailored to your circumstances. However due to the pandemic, post-op appointments will primarily be done via telephone or video, whichever suits you best.

Each package includes:

  • Surgeon, anaesthetist, and hospital fee
  • 2 nights hospital stay in a private room with ensuite**
  • 2 years of follow-up with:
    • surgeon
    • dietitian
    • health & wellness coach / personal trainer
    • bariatric clinical nurse specialist
  • Monitoring for potential clinical and nutritional complications
  • Daily motivational text messages for 2 years
  • Fitness programme tailored to your needs and location

** Whilst we endeavour to keep the costs fixed to the above prices, there may be other unforeseeable additional costs such as a repair of a hiatus hernia, extra nights stay, equipment, medications, blood transfusions or xrays. The appropriate service will invoice you directly.