Green policy

Discover Weight Loss will endeavour to minimise its carbon footprint, where safe and practicable, by adopting the eco friendly policy of “refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle” and observing the following:

1. Paperless systems

50% of the waste of businesses is composed of paper therefore where possible, Discover Weight Loss will reduce the amount of paper used by using computer based notes, web-based systems and emails.

2. Internet companies

Discover Weight Loss will endeavour to use internet companies which power their data centres on renewable energy. These include such websites used for social media, email, and video conferencing. Companies  leading the way include Google and Facebook. To find out which internet companies are powered by renewable energy, go to

3. Company meetings

Where practicable, Discover Weight Loss company meetings will be held via videoconferencing.

4. Recycling

Discover Weight Loss will actively encourage recycling of appropriate materials at all work sites.

5. Theatre equipment

Due to the nature of surgery, there is equipment which can be used once only and must be disposable. However, when equipment can potentially be reused, Discover Weight Loss have adopted the following approach:

a. Safe and efficacious – the equipment must be proven to be safe and effective to use by the appropriate regulatory bodies. The surgeon should be confident in using the equipment;

b. Reusable – if appropriate, equipment should be reusable;

c. Recyclable – if it is unable to be reused, then part or all of its components should be recyclable;

d. Non-reusable and non-recyclable equipment will be used if:

i. a suitable reusable/recyclable alternative is not available, and/or

ii. it is necessary to comply with health and safety standards and regulations.

Discover Weight Loss will, where safe and practicable, eliminate the use of equipment in theatre which is unnecessary.